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19-12-2010 | Raf
General news

This week's game is all about running, jumping and hopping like a bunny. Freejack is a parkour MMO with tons of missions to play through. For those who don't like the MMO part of MMOs, there's a single player version as well. Grab it, if you can!

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The King is Back and So Are WE!

08-12-2010 | Secret Fawful
General news

The Freehare is back from a long rest. Real life caught up with us in some crazy ways and we could no longer devote any time to continuing the Hare, even though it was always at the back of our minds. One day we decided the Hare needed to come back, but bigger and better than ever. This website is the result. Isn't it beautiful? It's a simple website with a simple goal. Showcase every quality, professional freeware game we can find based on Graphics, Gameplay, Story, Music, Fun, and the Whole of the Game.

We wanted to make a big deal about bringing the website back. So our first game on the new Freehare should be as professional and awesome as any game we could find. What could be better than the ninth King's Quest game by Phoenix Online, The Silver Lining?! King Graham is back in a quest to save his family from an evil curse that could spell doom not just for them, but for entire kingdoms. It's a threat unlike any Graham has faced yet, with danger around every corner. And with an episodic story structure, this is a game you will definitely get your money's worth from. What am I saying? It's free! Go get it.

And if that wasn't enough, we also prepared an interview with Phoenix Online about The Silver Lining! Everything you ever wanted to know about the story behind creating this epic game is revealed there.

Finally (and this is Raf speaking now), I want to give a quick thanks to both Secret Fawful for having been such a great help in getting this new site up and running, and the folks over at Drupal.org for thinking along whenever a problem popped up. Thanks guys!