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by AeonSoft, 2010




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This is a very good looking game. The screenshots sadly don't do it justice as this is a game that looks better in full motion. The 3D environments are realistic and lively and the creatures and characters are modeled well enough to the typical MMORPG animations.


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There aren't any out of place sound effects in this game. The soundtrack is typical of the genre but there aren't any bad pieces among it. I didn't find anything very memorable either, although I'm sure if I grinded long enough they would get stuck in my head.


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This is a quest MMORPG set in a fantasy world. The quests are typical MMO quests such as fighting monsters and leveling takes some grinding, but overall its a fun experience that will only really get tiring for those who aren't used to this sort of gameplay. One of the best.

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     Alongside such breathtaking titles such as Space Cowboy Online and Flyff: Fly For Fun, AeonSoft has brought a fresh new MMORPG to the gaming scene. Brought together by exciting gameplay and a massive world, Rappelz: Seige For Glory will undoubtedly be the game you will be unable to resist.

     The world was kept in perfect harmony, but the human race, known as Gaia, were too ignorant to develop a civilization, so the Asura and Deva were sent to aid them. Asura represented darkness, and Deva represented light. Things went well, until the evil being known as “the Witch” began a following, which claimed that the history of the Gaia had been distorted. The Witch was captured and burned alive.  Years later some followers of the witch began to resurface. Some people among the Gaia are making attempts to see if The Witch’s tales were true.

     Combining elements of fantasy and true medieval times, Rappelz has a wondrous and vast landscape to explore, which is then completed by a fun and easy to use set of gameplay elements, that make this a truly unique game. When you first start off your adventure, on Trainee Island, you are greeted by a wise instructor, who begins your journey. From the very beginning, there is no time to rest, as you have quests to complete.

      Each instructor will give you a certain number of quests, which you must complete to prove yourself worthy for higher training. There are many types of quests, each  collected in subcategories, which in turn are categorized under NPC quests, and Guide quests. NPC quests contain errands, and saving something from monsters. Errands will include delivering things, or other varied tasks that are by no means a burden to carry out. The rewards for these tasks are great as well. Guide quests are training quests which you must fulfill to prove yourself worthy of entering certain lands and going on certain adventures. These include slaying monsters, collecting items, gathering herbs, and many other tasks. These contain greater rewards than NPC quests. There is however, a third kind of quest, and that is an adventure. An adventure is basically doing a task that is for you to accomplish in your spare time, and believe me, there are plenty of these once you hit the continent, the vast landscape you enter once you have beaten the tasks on Trainee Island.

     Now to talk about battles, the most numerous section of any MMORPG. Battles take place in real-time, and are fought by double-clicking a monster. Some creatures are not able to be battled, however, like Yaks. Once you come across higher level monsters, they will start to attack you in droves. These monsters are the worst kind, and some of them will chase you to the ends of the earth. The only way to avoid them is to battle them. This is the toughest thing in battling, especially when fighting five or more monsters at once. Once you learn the Creature Taming skill, you can tame a creature, and then summon it from it’s creature card by visiting a Tamer NPC in the main village. This creature has the ability to level up, and it will aid you in battle. You can command it to battle alone, battle with you, or to just follow you. Empty creature cards can be bought at a Merchant NPC as well. Since the lands of the continent are so huge, sometimes visiting an Adventure Guide NPC is in order. These people give you ridable creatures, which make traveling bearable, and super fast. Unfortunately, these creatures have a time limit.

     Leveling is achieved by battling monsters. But the leveling in this game is completely different from other MMORPG’s, otherwise this section would have been added to the battling section of the review. Besides normal leveling, which comes after attaining skill points, there is also job leveling. Job leveling makes you more powerful in your class, and allows you to wear heavier armor and weapons. Skill points can also be used to obtain skills, which include attacks, the  ability to control and tame creatures, regenerations, and weapons training. Clothing and weapons can also be leveled up by visiting a Blacksmith NPC. Another item that can be obtained from monsters are Laks, or orbs of purified monster energy. These can be obtained for cards which increase attack power and magic power, or for money. Laks can only be obtained when wearing a certain necklace that you can receive from the Lak Trader NPC.

     The graphics in this game are unbearably beautiful. Like something off of a graphically enhanced XBOX game, the characters, monsters, and scenery are beautifully animated and designed. Trees sway realistically in the wind, as well as the hair or feathers of each and every character and creature. The characters in this game range from male to female, and are highly customizable, with different clothes, faces, and hair styles to start out with. The women, for some reason, have large breasts and long legs, and don’t hesitate to show them off. The characters start the game in their underwear! Looking past the obviously libido-crazed designs, which are well done by the way, everything is in tip top shape. By adjusting the camera, you can view the game in either third or first person, and everything looks just a beautiful up close as it does in third person. The music is beautifully orchestrated. It’s good to hear upbeat music to go along with an upbeat and highly professional game.

     Unfortunately, this game isn’t completely perfect. Lag is horrible present in the towns and cities, where players have shops set up like crazy. I have also witnessed monsters and characters walking through fences and some other misc. background objects. Even though the quests are mostly easy and don’t make you tear out your hair, they can get a bit tiring sometimes. But the quests are still quite varied, so they won’t stop me from giving this game a score of 4.95. On the Freehare charts, that’s a  score of 5 carrots. So jump into this pseudo-medieval world as fast as you can, and experience this beauty for yourself.

Review by: Secret Fawful