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by Ntreev Soft. Co. Ltd., 2011




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The characters and areas in PANGYA are very cute. They aren't chibi or extremely deformed but are still very cartoonish. The colors and vibrant courses are pleasing to the eye. The 3D modeling is well done and the animations are simple but cute.


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The sounds are very typical of the golf genre but that doesn't make them bad. They're energetic and fast-paced. The music is pop and has a mystical quality to it that soothes you and helps you concentrate on your swing.


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This is a pretty fun golf game. If you've ever played Mario Golf you know what to expect. You go out to courses and try to hit the golf ball into the cup and get high scores base don your performance. The game is also multiplayer so you really have to bring your A game.

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Many people love to play games just because of the art style, or for the value of exploring the beautiful and lush terrains some games provide. This is especially true for MMORPG’s. The fantasy settings, the horrific monsters, and the deadly weapons all manage to draw the player right into the game. Then there is the other type of MMO, the sports MMO. A game played to release competitiveness or to simply relax. Pangya Golf is one of those such games. A relaxing funfair that’s not unfair, yet keeps a good helping of competitiveness in it’s every circuit.

     In Pangya, you are entered into a world where golf reigns supreme as everyday life, and the beautifully dreamy fantasy world is never closed to your competitive spirit and most importantly...your game. When you  first enter the bright and cheerful world of golf, you are greeted by a caddy, who trains you in the art of golfing. By selecting her tutorial, you are ushered into a small practice area where you learn the basics. To win a match, you must get your gold ball into the hole. You have various clubs which you can select, and each has it’s own advantage towards your swing. Once you have selected your club, and the distance you would like to swing for, then you bring up your gold meter. Your gold meter is a meter which contains a bar that moves back and forth. When said bar reaches the line of your desired distance, stop it, and you will hit a perfect shot. But it’s not all a piece of cake, as you must time each shot.

      Also adding to the system are a bunch of items which you can purchase in the shop. Each item improves your stats, and ultimately, your game. But the most essential items of all, are your caddies. Caddies provide extra oomph on the golf  range, and also send helpful advice your way. You also have a range of special drives, which send your ball flying extremely far, and help you make the goal much faster, adding to your points. At the end of a match, your score is tallied, and the winner is chosen. This game is multiplayer however, so whether or not you’ll win depends on your opponents skill with a mouse.

     The music in this game is an excellent score. It’s not complicated, but it is soothing and relaxing, and perfect for a nice  game of golf. The graphics are of an amazing quality, but may cause the game to run quite slow on some PC’s Every character has a wide range of emotions and animations, which also cheer up the game to a great extent. The backgrounds have a wide range of animations, and the special effects, like water, are very professionally done.

      Also, in the menu, there are several options of great interest. You can customize your characters own personal house,  play the game with friends or family, and receive the latest updates about the game. So I must say, I enjoyed this game immensely. It has so many options, game play sections, and beautiful maps, that it may take you a while to play everything. I just hope I can see everything before the release of Season 2, in November of 2007. All in all, I give this very relaxing game a 5, because, even though the gameplay really is, underneath the surface, the same old sort of golf, it’s fun as heck.

Review by: Secret Fawful