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Mr. Blocko: Super Tournament Edition

by Perfect Run, 2006




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The graphics are pretty basic. The greatest thing about them is that they're editable, meaning you can make this into any type of game you want. Try that out; you can make it anything from Mario and Zelda to Halo or Batman themed.


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The music in this game is upbeat midi music similar to NES titles like Mega Man 2. It is fast paced, great, and catchy. There are no sound effects to speak of.


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This is a Tetris clone where you play a little man pushing Tetris blocks. Mr. Blocko is a great way to waste time on breaks or when you have nothing better to do, but not much more. However you can modify the game to play however you want, plus there is a multiplayer option.

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What to say? This game is, for me, a rollercoaster of emotions. You might say that I'm sensitive if a little puzzle game has those effects on me, yeah, maybe I am. But this game has taken me through the alphabet of feelings. Addictiveness, bitterness, care, devotion, and so on and so on.

In this game, you play Mr. Blocko. It is similar to Tetris, but reverse. You have to push the pieces around, after they hit the ground. This may sound easy piecy, but it's actually tougher than it sounds. As you advance, the pieces start falling at a higher pace, and if you're hit by a block, you're dead. But that doesn't mean you have to start over! You swirl around the screen for a moment, and then you come back to life. If the blocks go above an obvious red line, you lose.

Despite being similar to Tetris the game has a lot of the qualities of action games. There's a lot of action going on, as you're competing against time. It's very fast, and you have to think quick.

In this game, you can play against another player. I warn you, though, as it can be seriously dangerous. The fighting will not be restricted to just the game! I played against my boyfriend, which I don't recommend. This is the game that ended our relationship. Okay maybe not exactly, I'm exaggerating a bit. But we were shouting, and trying our best to kill each other (in the game, of course!). When you play multiplayer, you can kill your opponent by jumping on him. I highly recommend two-player mode, it's truly awesome.

The game has various themes, some of which give the game a nice change. You can also change the music. The music in the game is fast-paced, which fits the mood of the game very well. You can also choose from various outfits for your characters: Indiana Jones hat, Batman mask, doctor, and many more. You can also pick from several colour-schemes for your character and arena.

This game is in most places marvelous. Only downside of it that I can find, is that you tend to respawn underneath a falling block, which kills you instantly as you don't have time to move away. Apart from that (and aching hands and tired eyes from too much playing), this game is something everybody should try. I give this game 4 and a half carrot.

Review by: Freyja