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Gunz: The Duel

by MAIET, 2006




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Gunz looks like a realistic anime rendered in 3D. The modeling is fantastic but the levels can be a bit blocky and definitely don't give the illusion of being real places.


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You actually have some pretty basic sounds in this game. The soundtrack is made up of non-vocal rock music, and you have basic sound effects like gunfire and swordplay. There's no real voice acting to speak of.


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Gunplay vs. swordplay is the entire point of the game; you can kill each other or fight in dungeons to kill monsters. The more you level up the more you get access to. With enough skill with the word you can learn to literally fly through levels with extreme acrobatics.

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     If there's one thing a lot of gamers like to do, it's get a chance to shoot people in their games. The action shooter genre has been popular ever since the debut of Doom, but enough about all of that. My  point is, people love shooter games. No one likes a slow shooter though, which is lucky, because that's not going to be the subject of today's review. There are not many MMOs out there that dare to even step near guns, mostly because its not a very generic thing for an RPG to handle, and because the thought of guns in games can get people into trouble on occasion. But who cares what all those others think, because guns are just plain fun to use. Swords aren't bad either, though don't get me wrong. This MMO has both. Today, I present to you, Gunz - The Duel. MAIET has done a great job with their first and only venture into the world of role-player games, and this particular effort didn't disappoint me.

     I really have no clue what the story for this game is. I didn't play it to hear a story, I played it to have fun blasting and cutting my enemies away. I know there's a story on the official website, but because the game doesn't really focus on the story, not even in quest mode, I'm not going to bother talking about it. Instead, I'm going to jump straight into the gameplay, and let you know why this game is such a delight to play. To play the game, you have to install it, then start the game from the Gunz website. Since I consider this part of the game, I'll start by saying that that system is a load of crap. Honestly, its not annoying or anything, it's just a little bit...unorthodox. I don't think it's a good idea, but it didn't keep me from playing the game. You of course, have to create a player character. MAIET did a good job by making it possible to at least make your character a little bit unique. You can set his hair style, color, class, face, and name. The options in these categories are limited, except for name, but they're good enough. There are also two different types of servers: Normal Battle and Quest Server. The Normal Battle servers are just servers where you can't play quests. I honestly do not see how anyone would really use these servers when the Quest servers have every gameplay mode, but oh well.

     There are also quite a few gameplay types. You have the normal everyday deathmatches, which are divided between swords only, or gunz vs. swords. Many players enjoy a more methodical way of playing with just swords. This consists of having your character bow before your battle, and then going 1 on 1. Not every player wanted to play that way however. Honestly, playing a game like this against real people is more fun. I don't think a single player version would be as good. Luckily, the quest mode is also multiplayer. This mode consists of defeating monsters, bosses, and grabbing chests containing items which can be sold for in game money. Unfortunately, quests always give the same amount of experience. There are quite a few quest maps, but some are only available in the highest level servers. That stinks. The monsters can be quite tough in these matches, believe me, but they're also funny as heck. There are also modes such as assassination, where you must hunt down a player on the other team, who glows a certain color. Another mode is berserker, where you can go ape crazy after a certain amount of kills.

     The maps are great. You can enjoy a lush tropical setting, or get you behind slaughtered in the hallways of a spooky mansion. The weapon range is really cool too, but some weapons cost a lot of game money, and can only be used at a certain level. You have machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, and all sorts of other things. Grenades, health packs, and pages which can be used to unlock bosses. Unfortunately, on a higher level server, many players become absolute jerks, and call you n00b for using anything that could possibly kill them. Though there are many other tricks you can use as well. You can use your sword to climb walls very fast, by also using your dash. You can use a technique called butterfly, to fly around the stage fast, and wipe out anyone carrying a sword or gun. Most of the tricks require a sword however. Some players are so fast, they can switch between butterfly to rifle at will without touching the ground.

     The graphics and lighting in Gunz aren't bad, but they aren't the best either. They show a bit of age, which is all right though. Unfortunately, people want more in MMOs nowadays, and I'm not sure all of the graphics deliver at times. Bugs are apparent at times in the game, but most have been eliminated since the game first debuted as a beta version two years ago. The variety of characters and the fast paced action make it tougher to even notice the graphics anyway. There isn't much music in this game, unfortunately. I think Gunz could have had some good potential with the music, if they had done a better job with it. But all you hear is some generic rock music during each match. It pumps you up, but just barely. The sound effects are perfect however. You can hear explosions from far away, and when you hit a person, you can hear him grunt and groan from the impact. Though why a high pitched beep was used to alert you that you hit someone, I don’t know, but it works.

     So to conclude one of my possibly longest reviews yet, I really enjoyed playing this game with players from around the world. It's a great experience that leaves you pumped at the end of a match, whether you won or lost. You're ready to kick butt, and you will. YOU WILL. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I give Gunz - The Duel four carrots. don't get me wrong. It's a great game. But like every reviewer, I have to look at all aspects. Now get out there and blast away.

Review by: Secret Fawful